• Construction of Gearmotor Reels with Rotating AntennaConstruction of Gearmotor Reels with Rotating Antenna
  • PVC Collage Jaws  PVC Collage Jaws
  • Wheel boardsWheel boards
  • Safety nutsSafety nuts
  • Trolley for Medical InstrumentationTrolley for Medical Instrumentation
  • 3 Ink Injectors Head Mounted3 Ink Injectors Head Mounted
  • Peripheral Machine Injection Head  Peripheral Machine Injection Head
  • Complete Set of Injection Head PU SolesComplete Set of Injection Head PU Soles
  • PORCH restrictorPORCH restrictor
  • 3-Way Pneumatic Valve3-Way Pneumatic Valve


selo inviolavel para contentor ficha tecnica selos contentores

Inviolable Seal for Containers

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